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Entrepreneur of the Year 2016 Winner - THE FARM AT RIDGEWAY

The Farm at Ridgeway
2016 Entrepreneur of the Year

How do you take one of the prettiest sites in the Ridgeway area and dare to improve upon God’s handiwork? Enter entrepreneur, Larry Sharpe and family with a vision, a passion and a strong work ethic who build a dream, The Farm at Ridgeway and that’s how you do it!
The Farm at Ridgeway has been described as a setting of incredible beauty with rolling pastures, a pond, creeks, a grand lodge and a spacious outdoor arena. Since its inception several years ago, The Farm at Ridgeway has been an event place for political meetings, nonprofit organizations, civic engagements, school celebrations, anniversary and birthday gatherings, fundraisers and of course southern, classic weddings. It is a place that celebrates the value of relationships. It is booked year round.
If you check out their Facebook page, you will find glowing comments from those who visit, touting The Farm at Ridgeway as one of the most beautiful venues in the northeast area. Most importantly you will see comments about the Sharpe Family and their southern hospitality.
“The owner joined me for coffee as we cleaned up after an event. He was a man of great character, certainly the type of person we all wish to do business with if given a chance.”
“Lakyn Sharpe, event coordinator and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Sharpe, owners, are amazing as they make you feel like you are at home at The Farm at Ridgeway.”
Larry Sharpe and family have contributed greatly to our local economy by owning and operating several businesses in the Ridgeway area for many years. Whether they provide home or business heating oil or the convenience of several gasoline stations, it is the business, The Farm at Ridgeway that has won the hearts of many across South Carolina and certainly in Ridgeway and Fairfield County.
The Sharpe Family, besides being in the oil business, they are in the memory making and relationship building business as no one could ever forget the hospitality, scenery and kindness of one family upon visiting The Farm at Ridgeway. And no one could forget either that just a short distance from The Farm is one unique town, The Town of Ridgeway where revitalization, responsibility and relationships are the focus of our community.

Posted on April 1st, 2016.

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